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Data Leadership:
Top Cloud Analytics Mistakes –
and How to Avoid Them



The past two years have shown us
how vital it is for companies of all
sizes to remotely enable superior
decision-making with data-driven

While most executives understand
the benefits of migrating data and
services to a cloud-based analytics
platform, securing the budget to do
so remains an issue.

Our research shows that while the
majority of organizations are over
halfway through their migration,
leaders feel unprepared when it
comes to integrating operational
and transactional data sources
within these new data ecosystems.










Mid-tier organizations need the
right talent and tools to successfully
realize the value of their data
and analytics framework in the
cloud. Our research shows that
many companies are increasingly
prepared to work with cloud
consulting partners to access the
skills and capabilities they require.

This survey of 100 data and analytics
leaders from the financial services,
insurance, telecoms, retail, and
manufacturing sectors highlights
the challenges enterprises face at
each step of the data modernization
journey – from designing the right
data architecture to developing a
cloud migration roadmap.