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Me, Myself & AI

What's driving AI adoption?

Based on interviews with 100 senior executives responsible for the discovery, assessment and implementation of AI technologies within their organization.

AI Study

Artificial intelligence and many of the subsets such as machine learning and computer vision have become mainstream enterprise technology topics over the last few years.

AI is being touted as a way for enterprises to increase efficiency, reduce headcount and improve customer experience. In addition, many IT leaders believe that the technology could enhance decision making, cut costs and create new revenue streams. It’s no wonder then, that with all these perceived benefits, IT leaders are taking AI more seriously, while their c-level peers and CEOs are becoming more interested in how it can help in their respective departments and businesses.

Corinium’s mission is to set aside the hype of AI and enable leaders to understand how to deliver real value for their businesses, and so as part of our research, we asked c-suite leaders responsible for their views on AI, what their obstacles and challenges were and their business roadmap for the technology.

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