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Four Challenges Facing Cloud Security

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Four Challenges Facing Cloud Security

Written by Ryan Matthews on Jun 12, 2019 10:34:52 AM

CISO Africa Insights

Companies across the continent are rapidly adopting cloud services to improve efficiency, scalability and access. However, this rapid adoption of cloud services is seeing an exponential rise in attacks and vulnerabilities. One of the core functions of CISO Cape Town is for IT security experts to gather and share new strategies to defend against the online realm, strategies that may incorporate traditional applications, and in other cases tackle challenges differently.

In this article, I wish to highlight four key cloud security challenges that will be discussed at the event.


  1. Visibility of assets

Considering the vast number of applications used across departments and teams throughout the business, it is virtually impossible to keep track of them all. However, AI enabled security solutions exist that will track and discover APIs across your network. The issue is finding the right solution to fit with your existing stack.


  1. Migration to the cloud

Deciding on your cloud migration strategy is a large piece of the puzzle, but the vast volumes of data and applications not only stalls the process, but opens you up to vulnerabilities. Increasingly we are hearing about hybrid multi-cloud migration approaches. However, there seems to be no clear cut solution to this problem other than sticking to your strategy with the best possible team in place.


  1. Faulty Authentication

Identity management and authentication in cloud is supposed to be easy. Compounded by migration of multiple apps, multiple users and multiple identities, the move to cloud can be hampered, and again made vulnerable. Authorizing new users, managing existing users, should be made easier through the adoption of cloud, however it is once again around finding the right third party to partner with to mitigate data loss.


  1. Data Breaches

The biggest concern for the vast majority of IT security executives is regarding data protection. Increasingly seen as the most valuable asset to any organisation, data breaches not only carry direct impact on the business but also reputational damage in the market place. As much as cloud computing provides many significant advantages to the business around efficiency and access the threats that lead to data breaches, specifically human error, are multiplied.


For the majority of us the move to cloud, in whichever form, is a done deal. Are we more vulnerable than before, or is it merely perception that is creating these concerns? Fortunately, you get to have your say at CISO Africa Cape Town this August. Get in touch with us to see how we can bring you there.

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