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January, 10 2019

New Year, New… Data Trends for 2019

With ‘New Year, New Me’ on everyone’s lips and social media posts at the start of 2019 last week, we at Corinium decided we would have a look into ‘New Year, New Data Trends for 2019’ instead. Read More

November, 22 2018

Is Data Science as ‘sexy’ as we think?

Like anything in this world, data science has two sides of the coin, and you cannot have the one without the other. Read More

November, 13 2018

The Imperative for Strong Data Science Governance in a Data Driven Environment

There have been few days this year in which some aspect of client data protection has not featured in international news. Read More

November, 07 2018

How data scientists help people manage their financial lives better

Data scientists are changing the face of banking as we know it. They improve the experience of clients in many different ways by solving the problems and challenges encountered in the banking industry[...] Read More

November, 01 2018

Is Your Data Analytics Strategy to Defend or Attack?

Most team sports need defenders and attackers, just as most individual sports require a time to defend and a time to attack. This principal also goes for your Data Analytics team and the Data Strategy[...] Read More

November, 01 2018

Is AI the Next Logical Step in Data Analytics?

The hallmark of something game-changing/life-changing is how easily it polarises opinion. There are always two distinct camps: the supporters and the non-believers. No one sits on the fence. Read More

October, 11 2018

Interview with Louise Blake, Head of Data, Al Tayyar Group

 Read More

September, 13 2018

Interview with Speaker Emad ElAzhary, Head of Big Data & Strategy, Vodafone Egypt

As a global leader in data analytics conferences Corinium is extremely pleased to be working with the Egyptian data analytics community on DataCon Egypt 2018 - which will take place in Cairo on 7 & 8 [...] Read More


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