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The Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics 2019 Americas | Part 1


The Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics 2019 Americas | Part 1

Written by Corinium on Apr 1, 2019 12:57:05 PM

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Behind the boom in data and analytics, is a thriving collection of data driven leaders.

With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning now entering the mainstream, organizations need to ensure they have top talent leading their data and analytics projects.

Part 1 of Corinium ‘The Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics 2019 | Americas’

The third compilation from Corinium covers 100 of today’s innovators in data and analytics. The following list is designed to celebrate the data heroes, digital evangelists and technology leaders at the cutting edge of their profession. Over the last year we have been taking submissions at our Chief Data & Analytics Officers event series. We asked our attendees which senior executives they believe are accelerating the proliferation and understanding of data & analytics over the last 12 months.

In part 1 of our annual 'Top 100 Innovators in Data & Analytics 2019 | Americas' we share the first 50 entries.

All aspects of data and analytics have been recognised; from the leaders who make the most of up to the minute technology, to the end-users who deploy it and the influencers who evangelise the understanding of the discipline.

You can view the full list here:

Adam Plom, Managing Director, Americas and Europe at Corinium said: “At Corinium we’ve been building events, meetups and exclusive content for Chief Data & Analytics Officers for 6 years now. In that time, we have witnessed the development of not just the CDAO roles but the innovative applications of data and analytics in the private and public sector. It’s only right we celebrate their contribution”

To view a full run down of the list and read exclusive interviews with the selected members of that list please visit: http://bit.ly/2TRr3BL


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