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Featured Participants

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Aengus Hallinan

Managing Director, Group Head of Operational Risk Management, Credit Suisse

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and how you ended up in your current role?

I head up operational risk management and business continuity management for credit suisse.  Prior to this i was in the equities business at ubs.  “non financial” risk has become increasingly important to the financial sector and our regulators – with a focus on systemic risks beyond the traditional market and credit risks.  A key focus in recent years has increasingly been on technology/cyber risk; risk associated with introduction of innovative/emerging tech (eg dlt, ai etc); 3rd party / vendor risk; and operational resiliency.  All are relevant in the broader context of “ai and emerging tech for finance”.

What is the biggest challenge you face within your role today, and how are you looking to tackle it?

The “non financial” risk space has traditionally been relatively qualitative in its risk assessment, relying more on judgment and not enough on data and measurement in contrast to the more quantitative credit and market risk space.  This is changing given improved data capture and analytical capabilities (including AI and techniques such as nlp) to support our non-financial risk assessment.

Biggest Success you achieved for 2018/ 2019 so far?

Early stage adoption of those data and more sophisticated analytical techniques to support our risk assessment capability in a more evidence based (and ultimately predictive) fashion.

What are your Key Objectives for attending the upcoming event?
  1. Application.  Hearing and generating some new ideas / thinking in this space for future application
  2. Risks.  Listening to current and future applications to help assess the associated risks for the future
  3. Network.  Connecting with people in this space who might not be directly associated with the usual big banks etc.
Which connections or content sessions, are you looking to engage with most at the event?
No specific intent – I am open minded.

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