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Featured Participants

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El Diawlol

Director, Advanced Analytics, Genesis Capital - Goldman Sachs

Please tell us a little about the topic you will be speaking on at the upcoming event?

Artificial intelligence ("AI"), Machine Learning ("ML") and Analytics have become a standard stable of tools for organizations that are keen on accelerating their value creation and growth. Many companies have adopted and invested heavily in these capabilities. While some of the early adopters, those with the right culture and data strategy, are reaping wholesome benefits. Conversely, other organizations continue to endure costly resource misalignment's.

During this session, the attendees will get an opportunity to discuss what it takes to build a digital transformation framework and how having a data-centric culture will be a type of panacea to unleash your firm's full productive potential, accelerate innovation, help grow wallet-share and win new markets.


Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and how you ended up in your current role?

I have 10+ years of experience leading and developing data-driven products powered by AI & machine learning algorithms at fortune 100. I’m currently Director of advanced analytics at Genesis Capital where I’m leading Data Science & Engineering to execute the data strategy and build data products with a rigorous focus on model design and value proposition. Developed Next Best Action Engine for Morgan Stanley, a highly sophisticated digital platform powered by AI models empowering assets Managers and Financial Advisers to manage $2 trillion in assets.

I holds an MS in Econometrics and Quantitative Finance from Montreal University and M.Phil in Economics from Dakar University.


What is the biggest challenge you face within your role today, and how are you looking to tackle it?

Resource alignment to focuses on high value projects.


Biggest success you achieved for 2018/ 2019 so far?

Successfully acquiring and developing the technology platform and data products that will position the firm as leading fintech in Real-Estate Investment.


What are your Key Objectives for attending the upcoming event?

  • Share ideas and business trends.
  • Networking.
  • Discuss new ideas and best practices with peers.


What are you currently most inspired about in regards to AI & Emerging Tech for Finance?

Ability to share ideas with peers and see the excitement of the industry in applying new AI methods to solve key business problems that can position them for success in a data-driven digital world.

Join El at AI & Emerging Tech for Finance 2019