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Adele Jones - Nedbank

Adele Jones

Lead Architect: Information Security & Blockchain, Nedbank

Adele Jones have over 14 years of hands on information security experience. This includes building security mechanisms into some of the most well-known South African retail and business internet banking sites to participating in red and blue team exercises to map and validate possible attack path vectors. Adele also assisted in formalising the security architecture design function at one of SA leading banks.

Since joining the SAFBC in 2016 as the leading technical Blockchain representative for Nedbank, Adele has immersed herself into the technical blockchain community. She has been closely involved in the development of the new versions of Hyperledger Fabric (IBM’s blockchain solution that is open-sourced), Project Indy (an blockchain project for identity) and developments like Zero-Knowledge proof which addresses privacy issues on blockchain implementations.