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Alan Lee

Alan Lee

VP of Data Science and Data Science Engineering, Kohl's

Part of an exciting and high performing Data Science group that has quickly made breakthroughs at Kohl's. In a few years we have rapidly grown the core data science team, hiring experts in a wide range of areas including deep learning, countless regression techniques, tree ensembles, Bayesian statistics, and more. This team of currently 40+ data scientists and data science engineers has solved many important problems at Kohl's and is being asked to take over more responsibilities across the entire enterprise.

Data Science and Engineering responsibilities in the group includes:
-Online Recommendations and Personalization for Kohl's E-Comm assets - Research, Implementation, and Support
-Supporting Online Search and Browse
-Enterprise Wide Assortment Optimization
-Sales Forecasting
-Visual Search using Deep learning(CNN) and traditional BOVW
-Other adhoc projects analyzing sales performance, customer behavior, fashion trends, merchandising, etc to support critical decisions across the enterprise
-Various Data Science Engineering challenges necessary to scale up big data machine learning solutions for deployment