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Speaker 2 - CAO Fall (20)

Allen Crane

Assistant Vice President, Applied Analytics, USAA

Allen Crane is an Enterprise Data and Analytics leader who maximizes the impact Data and Insights have on business results, operational efficiency and effectiveness, and fact-based cultural change. He is a leading expert on Measurability of Systems and processes, with experience building quantifiable analytics practices for major corporations. He has expertise in driving strategy and operational improvements across digital, call center, marketing, and social channels. He is currently developing new capabilities in Machine Learning and AI to shorten the time between Insights and Value Realization.

 Allen is a leader in his field and is committed to increasing the role of “Analyst Action Agents” in organizations, and driving diversity and inclusion, particularly in STEM and Data Science programs. He is accountable for advancing the value of USAA’s operational data by achieving greater customer service across all operational channels, and monetizing the value of data and improvements from fact-based analytics, in support of a corporate strategy that helps the business leverage data to optimize multigenerational customer relationships, and maximize return on its marketing, digital, and call center investments.

 Allen earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from the University of Texas at Arlington and holds a Master of Science Degree in Operations Research from Southern Methodist University and is currently pursuing a second Master of Science in Data Science.