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Andre Hugo - Virgin Money

Andre Hugo

Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Money

Andre Hugo worked at Deloitte for 18 years of which he was a Consulting partner for 10 years where he worked in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Europe. He was responsible for internal innovation – “Deloitte of Tomorrow” where he successfully built 11 businesses and acquired 3. For the last 8 years he has specialised in the design, build and commercialisation of disruptive digital business’s. Recently examples whilst at Deloitte include being part of the team that built MTN Mobile Money and Tyme which was acquired by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


After leaving Deloitte, Andre launched his own business; M4JAM (Money for Jam, a micro jobbing platform allowing people to earn money for doing sub 10 minute tasks on their cell phones.) After exiting M4JAM in March 2016 Andre built a new market place for eBay called Gumtree Connect which has successfully been launched in the Western Cape. In 2017 Andre joined the Virgin Money Team in South Africa as CEO where he has been tasked to refine the strategy, develop and implement a roadmap to scale the Virgin Money brand, as a digital-first business.