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Andy Ruckley, Photobox

Andy Ruckley

Director of Data, BI & Analytics, Photobox

Andy is Director of Data, BI & Analytics at Photobox Group. He has been with Photobox for 1 month and is focusing on how data can drive insights and decision making across the Photobox Group businesses. He has over 25 year’s experience in the data industry and has worked in a wide selection of industries; Telecoms, Manufacturing and Retail from large blue chip corporates to small start-ups.

He is passionate about putting “data” as a line item on the balance sheet by challenging organisations to use data to drive the collective intelligence:  How can we become an analytical competitor? By presenting the right info at the right time to the right people to support the core business capabilities.

Over his career Andy has been the interface between Tech departments and business teams and this has proven invaluable when building BI Competency /Enablement Centres, understanding the importance of bringing the right people together to tie economic significance to the value of information. He believes that having the ability to blend good data architecture, appropriate data stewardship and data engineering skills with the right business involvement helps organisations answer “how do you know its delivering value?” and “Show me the data / insight that proves it and tell me why!”