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anil-earla, stealth AI

Anil Earla

Global Insights Manager, Greenpeace International

• Digital Transformation: Intrapreneur passionate about bringing Silicon Valley innovative mind set to larger organizations. Built lean start-ups resulting in creating new stream of revenue.

• New software products introduced in orthogonal market (new business model),and new data products in adjacent markets (existing business model).

• Proven ability to fuse data, people, process and technology to create sustainable products. Highlight: Deep machine learning cyber security and fraud data products @ Visa.

• Innovation and Strategy: Driven by a visceral hard-wired need to strategize, to innovate, and to achieve unprecedented results. Characterized as a visionary, strategist and tactician. Applied emerging technologies @ Visa,
@Motorola, and @Allstate to streamline core business processes, and to significantly reduced total cost of ownership. Highlight: Reduced the incident response time @ Visa from 6-10 days to 2-3 milliseconds and cut total cost of ownership by $9.8 M over 3 years

• Leadership: Overcome complex business and technology challenges and made high stake decisions using focused business acumen, detailed collaborative analysis and irreproachable integrity. Earned trust and loyalty of cross-functional teams by applying interactive and various motivational leadership styles(based on the need) that spurs people to go above and beyond. Right People, Right Place, Right Time.