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Bala Gopalakrishnan

Chief Data Officer, Pelmorex Corp / The Weather Network

Bala is Chief Data Officer at Pelmorex Corp, the parent company of The Weather Network, MeteoMedia, El-Tiempo, Clima, WetterPlus, Pelmorex Data Solutions and Addictive Mobility brands.

Pelmorex is a leading player in Digital Advertising and Weather B2B/B2C solutions.

Bala leads the Engineering and technology talent at Pelmorex Data Solutions and Addictive Mobility, that boasts of Canada's best GIS, Data Science, Big Data Engineering and BI talents. Bala leads industry leading research into AI/ML with internal teams in collaboration with top Canadian Universities such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and University of Western Ontario.

Bala has a Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering from The University of Alabama, and an MBA from Ivey Business School. Prior to joining Pelmorex, Bala lead engineering and software teams at Johnson Controls (Fortune 100) and Eutech Cybernetics which was rated by Gartner as one of the cool companies in smart city solutions.