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Belinda Campbell

Manager of Data Governance, Bureau of Meteorology

Belinda is the Manager of Data Governance at the Bureau of Meteorology within the Bureau's Data Program. Belinda is leading the establishment of a formal data governance capability across the Bureau and is also working to formalise roles and functions related to data management across all work programs through the launch of a Data Stewardship Model. Joining the Bureau in 2010 as a Climatologist, Belinda has worked across technical, scientific and management roles throughout the organisation, including as the Executive Officer to the Director of Meteorology and CEO, Program and Process Improvement Lead for Weather Forecasting Services and Leader of the Climate Data Services Team. Through this experience and numerous projects including delivering systems improvements and partnering with customers to support data-driven decision making, Belinda has a broad knowledge of the challenges and opportunities associated with environmental data at all stages through the data lifecycle. Belinda completed an Honours of Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science and has a background in Mathematics. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Management and is a STEM Ambassador at the Bureau of Meteorology.