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Benji Meltzer

Benji Meltzer

Co-Founder & CTO, Aerobotics

With a background in Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering, Benji is enthusiastic about machine learning and computational neuroscience. After working at Cyest Corporation and Uber, he turned his attention to building disruptive technology in South Africa by applying his analytical, computational and biomedical skillset. He co-founded Aerobotics in 2014, which is focused on developing smart Artificial Intelligence systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that have been used extensively in the agriculture industry. As co-founder, Benji balances his enthusiasm for both design and entrepreneurship by staying involved in engineering system design and strategic business decisions at Aerobotics.


At DataCon Africa 2019 Benji will be speaking at the following session:

Use Case: How Data Science, Analytics & Drones are Being Used for Crop Protection on Farms