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beth rudden

Beth Rudden

Distinguished Engineer & Principal Data Scientist, Cognitive, GTS, IBM

I am a passionate Distinguished Engineer and IBM executive leader. I am consummate advocate of our worlds’ need for the responsible stewardship of data and science, diversity in leadership and human centered design of Cognitive, AI and IA systems. I develop and lead teams of data scientists, data engineers, data architects, data analysts and consultants who develop and deploy big data solutions for IBM’s clients.

My current role is to transform the worlds largest IT Shop, GTS through the application of Cognitive Science. I bind my background and training in anthropology, language and data science to develop models for the cultural transformation of our ~100k strong workforce. I measure my success by the adoption of my models and seek every opportunity to develop our human capitol.

I have a Masters in Anthropology from University of Denver and a Classics (Greek and Latin) Degree from Florida State. I have over 27 patent publications, including the integration of analytic algorithms into information systems to create decision support automation, cognitive role based visualizations, and container based distributed analytics for privacy -> taking the algorithm to the data.

I am a member of many organizations including our IBM Academy of Technology and Women in Technology.