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Avaya - Anna Marie

Anna Marie Crowley

Global Head of Talent Management, Avaya

Raised in the UK to Irish parents and armed with a Postgrad in Education, a love of travel, a deep-rooted passion for people development and the belief that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, my career path evolved over time and several countries.

Having ran by own business in Italy, worked in a British Airways Low cost start-up airline in the UK, developed a Global Talent Development team in North America with Wyndham Worldwide, crossed industries into a Utility on the West Coast, I am now back on the East Coast in yet another industry with Tech giant Avaya.  Balancing this with being a single mom has its challenges but the rewards greatly out-way these challenges every day. My work life balance comes from the fact that I love my work and that provides the balance.   

Developing leaders has been a critical part of each and every role I have taken and the tools I rely on such as, Executive coaching, profiling tools, mentoring, championing the right behaviors, holding up the unwanted mirror on occasion and having the courage to stand up when needed are all key to professionals in people development and creating a culture where engagement thrives. The changing face of our Talent pool brings great opportunity to the workplace and to the customers they service. Being a part of this changing journey is something I embrace.