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Brian Murrow

Partner, IBM

Brian brings over 25 years of experience in working with both the financial regulators and the financial services industry to:

  • Advise financial regulators as it relates to structuring and implementing policy, surveillance, and oversight programs to effectively operationalize and achieve financial market and banking policy objectives. 
  • Advise financial services clients on strategy, process, architecture, and implementation of regulatory compliance, risk management, and customer insights programs.

Representative Client Engagements

  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM) & Risk Data Aggregation (RDA) programs and tools to evaluate, design, and implement data management programs and systems.  
  • Digital Labor Analytics (DLA) operationalizes and integrates analytics, cognitive, and RPA techniques using reconciled risk, finance, and operations data.  
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) and issues management systems to understand, track, and remediate enterprise risks and issues utilizing natural language processing, cognitive, and advanced analytics.
  • Precision Lending Sales and Marketing Programs that utilize the full historical credit files of over 250 million potential borrowers to precision target potential borrowers for very specific product/lending programs. 
  • Big Data Analytics EDWs from design through implementation of multi-platform Big Data EDWs, implanting roadmaps of analytics pilots for system shakeout and production.
  • Insider Trading Surveillance program that monitors trade activity amongst billions of equity trades evaluating trade patterns using advanced analytics to identify insider trading networks.
  • Regulatory Examination Prioritization and Management using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and
  • IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities to draw relationships between the regulatory filings and other publicly available information and the SEC’s enforcement actions taken against Registered Investment Advisors.