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Burke Powers

Burke Powers

CEO, Reveal Why

For 20 years, I have helped companies achieve both short-term sales and long-term branding and reputation. I did this by operationalizing a holistic customer experience program and driving digital transformation, so we could understand and adapt to changing customer, market, and competitor dynamics.

In addition, I led the creation of advanced business analytics programs to help executives and senior management of SMB's and Fortune 100 companies alike to drive growth, transformation and innovation both domestically and internationally. I have led change and impact at many companies, including JetBlue Airways, IBM, PayPal, Nationwide, Macy’s, JPMorgan-Chase, DirectTV, Microsoft, Nike, and Walmart.

I believe:
• in being generous with talents and skills to help others
• that money is easy, impact is hard
• that most problems are the result of complex systems of incentives and interactions and without understanding that web, few change efforts will succeed
• that people are more important than things