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IDT. Charles Thibault

Charles Thibault

VP Analytics, IDT Telecom

Charles currently serves as the Vice-President of Analytics at IDT Telecom, which offers communications and financial services to immigrant communities in the United States and Europe. Charles manages a team of 6 analysts with a main focus in customer and marketing analytics, product performance, financial forecasting, and using data to drive product innovation. Acting as a central analytics hub, Charles's team is in constant contact with various product, sales, and marketing managers and ensures that IDT's data assets deliver value throughout the organization. Previously Charles had been the Research Manager at Wanted Technologies which offered labor market data through a data-as-a-service platform. Customers included online media players like Monster.Com or Careerbuilder, traditional media outfits like Gannett or Cox, as well as staffing agencies and even the Federal Reserve Bank. Charles earned a BA in Economics from Princeton University and a Master's of Science from the Université de Montréal.