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Chris Bannocks, ING

Chris Bannocks

Group Chief Data Officer, ING

I am a senior executive with over 20 years experience within the financial services sector. I now help organisations become data centric, assisting in transformation of architecture, culture, people and processes to deliver data quality, data governance and game changing approaches to reduce the cost of data collection, integration and lifecycle management. This delivers a clear strategy for leveraging data for greater returns.

I currently leverage these skills as the Group Chief Data Officer for ING Bank, a head office function with a federated CDO structure with 15 CDO Reports coupled with a central team.

Data is not purely a technical subject, so much of what we do is people focused. Finding the right people and associated strategies are critical to success as are the cultural aspects of how data is treated in an organisation. Data ethics and protection are key in ensuring your customers understand how their data is handled.

Speciality and focus: I want to transform the way financial services treat data and drive the sector to become truly data centric. I have a passion for data, coupled with vision to galvanise teams behind a data strategy that transforms their jobs. I like to work for ambitious organisations that want to understand strategy, and seek to avoid thinking that you cannot boil the ocean. I prefer to believe that if boiling the ocean is whats required (and sometimes it is!), we should first find a way to boil a swimming pool and progress from there, but believing its too hard and taking the easy route is not acceptable.

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