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Clayton Costa

Head of Customer Experience, Turvo Inc.

The Supply Chain Management space is ripe for disruption, with the rise of a complete set of new “digital apparatus” transforming every single interaction into more meaningful, pleasant ones. A few examples are IoT, blockchain, and context-sharing collaboration - and their potential impact are incredible (and pretty much still untapped). 

Supply Chain enterprise software players, like Turvo, have an amazing opportunity ahead, but one key aspect of the process is to be able to manage the customer experience along their transformation journey - and that’s where I can make a real difference.

I help enterprise software companies to transform their customers into fans – driving higher margins and easier renewals. To do so, I leverage 20+ years of experience on enterprise software design and implementation for Fortune 500 customers. Of these, almost 10 years were spent helping to build startups from the ground, playing a key role on structuring, hiring, coaching, strategizing, and developing company cultures. I LOVE STARTUPS! 

Transforming customers into fans has to be part of the culture and DNA of every company. It has to come from the very top, and be incorporated on the product, processes and practices for every function. I see the Customer Experience Management discipline as a catalyst for the change. Mapping the customer journey and crafting the account strategy process are key, but also establishing the right incentives to the team – and aligning the company strategy with the overall customer satisfaction levels.