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Darren Klein

General Manager - Data & Analytics, Tabcorp

Darren is a high energy, outcomes focused leader that thrives on solving complex data problems by leveraging diverse teams and fostering a culture that is both curious and courageous. He is an inquisitive learner that is passionate about enterprise innovation and excels at converting big picture strategic aspiration into practical, efficient action and change.

He applies these qualities, along with his diversified range of big data, enterprise architecture, project delivery and finance experience to design and architect data transformation programs that enable large corporates to realise commercial value from their data assets.

As the General Manager, Data & Analytics at Tabcorp Darren is on a transformation journey to change the focus and mindset about data being seen as a strategic business asset instead of data being seen as a technology problem. He is shifting the enterprise conversation away from a technology centric view of "what can we do with our data", to a business capability centric view of "how will we use our data" to compete and win in the new world of digital disruption.

As the former COO & Head of Data Consulting at Contexti (one of Australia’ leading Big Data Analytics firms) Darren has been at the forefront of data driven, digital disruption and change. Darren has assisted a number of Australia’s leading companies embrace the challenge and opportunity to become more authentically data driven through the careful combination of newer, emerging technologies with the appropriate shifts in enterprise capabilities, operating models and processes.

During his 25 year career Darren has worked for a number of Australia's top tier banks, corporates and consulting firms to design and deliver enterprise change and transformation, particularly around data, risk, operations and product management.