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Devin Deen

Devin Deen

Director, Data & Analytics, Enterprise IT

Devin Deen is the director of data and analytics at enterpriseIT (e-IT), where he ensures that customers can easily navigate the complexities of implementing data warehouses, data management, business intelligence, and business analytic tools and solutions. With experience ranging from managing multimillion dollar projects to leading teams and starting businesses across the healthcare, education, telecommunication, financial services, and utilities sectors, Devin attributes his success to being proactive and having an inclusive management style. His 25 year career has included roles in the United States Marine Corps and the Simpl Group. Most recently, Devin led the team at niche BI consulting firm Altis for over 10 years. Outside of e-IT, he is active in the NZ tech start-up community and directly involved with successful SaaS company ProjectManager.com.