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Digvijay Lamba

Digvijay Lamba

Founder and CEO, Lore IO

I have led the development of several big data, analytics and distributed system projects with a focus on solving difficult technical problems in the area. But I also focus on the consumer and help figure out what the right problems are, which will have the most impact on the company.

I have had experience with taking new and difficult projects, working on a strategy, forming a team, and leading the development and delivery from conception to the full development. This includes hands on coding, technical problem solving around big data and data mining, front end and application development, and leading the product and marketing aspects. Anything needed to solve the problem end to end.

I have worked in several eCommerce, Analytics, Search and Social products on conceiving new ideas on how to use technology to impact those domains.

Specialties: Consumer Web, Social Networks, Analytics, Big Data Analytics, eCommerce, Mergers and Acquisitions, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Taxonomies, Categorization, Large data - Hadoop and Cassandra, Algorithms, Hive, Entity Extraction, Information Retrieval and Modelling, Clustering, Search Technologies, Indexing, Internet Technologies, Unix Systems Programming, API Design and Standardization work,