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Dominic Frost SAS

Dominic Frost

Director, SAS Australia and New Zealand

Dominic is a Director in the SAS Australia and New Zealand business.

Dominic is responsible for several teams within SAS including the Customer Advisory and Customer Success teams who are responsible for the initial engagement and innovation with customers, then ensuring the long-term success of projects and solutions.

Leading the SAS Fraud and Security Intelligence team locally, this includes focusing on the ethical use of AI and Analytics to detect and prevent fraud, as well as working with policing, security and a range of other agencies to use AI and Analytics to make the world safer.

Dominic remains very hands-on in customer engagements – with recent projects including Intelligence Management at a large police force, fraud prevention at a major insurer, advisory work for fraud prevention in a large government department and working with a major advertising organisation to better leverage AI and analytics in their customer personalisation journey. 

With a wealth of experience in both consulting organisations and directly in industry, this includes over 15 years in ERP and CRM consulting, then a 3-year period in early stage private equity with start-up organisations in areas such as green energy, mobile telecommunications and social media analytics.  If you think Shark-Tank – that was not far from the reality -  but without any of the glamour.

Working for Oracle in the 1990s before starting his own IT consulting organisation in the UK – Dominic moved to Australia in 2009 and joined SAS in 2014.  Dominic holds a Masters in Physics from Oxford University.