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Donna Maciejewski

Director Customer Experience, Service NSW

A Senior Business Improvement Leader, proficient in driving customer experience improvements and business performance in multinational organisations.  Donna's passion for customer excellence underpins all professional activities.

Establishing customer-led strategies and practices that rely on effectively bringing the voice of the customer to the forefront through increased use of data and gathering feedback to generate meaningful customer insights. In the past Donna has designed and implemented customer strategies across the customer life cycle, including establishing loyalty and retention programs, plus spearheaded the use of data to track and identify behavioral triggers, increasing the relevance and personalised initiatives to improve customer experiences. Donna's penchant for design thinking, customer value proposition definition, and customer journey mapping have been applied in diverse scenarios, across a number of industries and with stakeholders of various levels of CX maturity. With a reputation for instigating, designing and delivering innovative customer oriented initiatives, positive results are achieved through close collaboration and consultation with internal, external and international stakeholders using a range of proven frameworks and tools. 
More recently Donna has stood up the Customer Experience function at Service NSW and is establishing robust customer practices to ensure the voice of NSW Citizens continues to drive the delivery of NSW Government services as the organisation continues to scale.