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Amtrak - Donna DiDomenico

Donna DiDomenico

AVP Human Resources, Amtrak

Award-winning human resources leader with significant success in driving business strategy and change for both Fortune 500 and startup organizations across various industries. Provide leadership and expertise across all phases of Human Resources. Strong background in creating HR systems and processes focused on people engagement, cultural transformation, career planning and development, and talent management to revitalize operations, increase revenues, enhance profitability, and promote employee satisfaction.

Select Accomplishments
• HR Leader for Amtrak’s Cultural Transformation, engaging 20,000 people to evolve to caring.
• Restructured Amtrak’s HR Department to Deliver Key Initiatives related to organization’s strategy.
• Restructured Amtrak’s NE Corridor Line business to align with organization’s strategic plan.
• Created long-term succession plan for 100+ key leadership roles for Amtrak’s NE Corridor business.
• Reduced time to fill 90%, improved employee retention and slashed turnover 90% for Amtrak.
• Member of leadership team, opening new business platforms for Vitamin Shoppe and W.W. Grainger.

Core Competencies
• People Leadership • Cultural Transformation • Executive Coaching
• Integrated HR Strategy • Strategic Thinking • People Engagement
• Organization Development •Talent Management • Leadership Development
• Learning & Development • Workforce Planning • Total Rewards