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Hanlie Smuts - TUKS

Dr Hanlie Smuts

Associate Professor, University of Pretoria

With a passion for business transformation, people, knowledge management and behavioural change management, I focused on business performance improvement and operating model optimisation. The outcomes of my role aimed to deliver consistent, customer relevance across all digital touch points, to empower customers through convenient and effective self-service, to drive growth through personalised digital offerings and to strengthen brand association between the organisation and digital services. Through a deeper understanding of the digital and adjacent ecosystems, I championed transformation to digital of the traditional telco model and the need for collaboration in order to see the growth of network traffic and increased revenues. I also had the opportunity to work in East and West Africa - a humbling experience.

Throughout my career in the corporate environment, I have been a facilitator, learner, knowledge sharer, coach, mentor and teacher, and can now live my dream - to share what I have learnt! It is so important that we groom young leaders as critical and innovative thinkers, curious by nature, but methodical by choice.