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Dr Seyedjamal Zolhavarieh

Professional Teaching Fellow, Chatbot Developer and Research Fellow (AI, Machine Learning, NLP), National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI), The University of Auckland

Jamal is Chatbot developer and researcher at the National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI), The University of Auckland. He is also teaching Healthcare Decision Support Systems course to familiarize students with the main developments of decision support systems in healthcare. He is graduated with a PhD of computer and information sciences from Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Jamal particularly works on recent health innovation efforts in health informatics area. While healthcare system is moving toward automation, he uses his background knowledge to enhance the healthcare platforms. In his recent project, he uses NLP, Machine Learning and ontological-structure to develop an AI-based chatbot system to help New Zealanders have better healthcare support and promote their lifestyle. He wants to make it easier for healthcare experts and New Zealanders to make the right decisions by supplying them with all the necessary and important new information in a more user friendly and relevant way.