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Eraj Ghafoori

Dr. Eraj Ghafoori

Behavioural Economist - Customer Experience, AustralianSuper

Dr Eraj Ghafoori is a behavioural economist and an organisational psychologist. In his previous roles, he consulted government agencies to build their capabilities in understanding public’s decision making and motivations through designing scientifically sound solutions that improve the welfare and life quality of Victorians by motivating them to engage in responsible and healthy behaviours.


He helped organisations to achieve better outcomes by defining their end-to-end system of work from strategy to roadmaps to uplift their capabilities around their customers. Customer-centricity coupled with organisational alignment is the ingredient for success!


In his current role, Eraj is responsible for the development of AustralianSuper’s CX program and the ongoing CX management (CXM) of the program. He also engages in research with universities to explore innovative solutions that benefit the members of AustralianSuper as well as all Australians. He publishes in academic journals and other relevant outlets.


Since joining AustralianSuper, he has developed the first subjective index of retirement in confidence which has won the ‘innovation in research in retirement award’ and has applied behavioural science areas such as brand, education, seminars, communications and advice. Eraj applies his expertise to develop and improve the Fund's CX practice toward full customer-centricity.