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Elaina Hamilton

Customer Experience Design Lead, Meridian Energy

Elaina is a talented designer who takes on big challenges and has customers at the heart of everything she does. After helping shape the Powershop brand, last year Elaina joined the Meridian team to set up a Customer Lab - called the ZAGLAB - in Meridian’s Christchurch office. The ZAGLAB is a collaborative space practising human centred design. It’s a place to work directly with customers to make their experiences better and it’s also an inviting, inspirational space for everyone at Meridian to ideate, prototype, and activate initiatives for a better future.

Elaina also led the successful design and implementation of Meridian’s refreshed visual identity, this was a key part of a significant rebrand for Meridian, one of New Zealand’s largest companies.

All the electricity Meridian generates comes from 100% renewable sources – wind, water and sun. Elaina is a key part of the team bringing this to life in experiences and design.