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Eric Daly

Director for Enterprise Analytics & Data, Philip Morris International

Eric Daly is Head of Enterprise Analytics & Data (EAD) at Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI), a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine containing products in markets outside the United States.

Eric joined PMI in 2017 as Director, EAD Data Science and was appointed to his current role in June 2018. Eric plays a key role in PMI’s transition to become a data-driven company. In the Analytics part of his role, he manages over 30 data scientists and team leads in three locations (Lausanne, Amsterdam and Krakow) to assist PMI’s progress toward its smoke-free future. On the Governance side, Eric oversees the work of teams that perform Data Architecture, Data Management, and Data Quality functions to provide a solid foundation for all analytics conducted company wide. 

Before taking on his new role at Philip Morris, Eric was the Vice President of Data Science and Analytics for Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he had been for the prior twelve years.  His responsibilities included strategy and analysis for driving profitability in the home entertainment market including the forecasting of title demand, assessment of market trends, test and learn experimentation, internal dashboard development, affinity analysis, data mining, customer segmentation associated with retail partner data, and the greenlighting of new films and television shows.

Prior to joining Sony Pictures, Eric was a Senior Manager at Gateway and was responsible for business planning and forecasting.  Previously, he was a Systems Programmer for IBM following his stint with the USA Men’s Volleyball Team where he was both a player and team manager.  Eric has a BS in Computer Science from MIT, an MS in Statistics from UCLA, and an MBA from the Anderson School of Business.