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Gael Decoudu

Director of Credit Decisioning, NewDay

Gael is a seasoned global leader in analytics and data science with 20-plus years of experience. He has a solid track record of combining a strong business sense with analytical expertise and results focus to deliver significant value. He has demonstrated his high adaptability thorough his career, having led several multi-cultural and multi-functional teams across the world, directly and remotely in various industries (financial services, banking, e-commerce), in high growth and mature environments alike. In the past years, he has regularly shared his insights at conferences in panels, presentations, roundtables or in advisory roles.
His deep expertise covers a wide range of analytics applications, ranging from credit risk to marketing, customer and web analytics, cross-selling and pricing. He started his career in academia where he received a strong theoretical foundation which, combined with a pragmatic approach, built on his exposure to real problems and data for many different applications through university consultancy. He then developed his business skills during his first few years at Capital One in the USA. Throughout his career, he challenged himself by working for innovative companies across different industries. He is also making sure to stay at the forefront on all innovations and development in the broader data world in order to be able to apply them to relevant industries.