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Georges Theys

Global Head of Analytics, Ageas

Georges Theys is a “technologist” who has helped public and private organizations to harness the possibilities of technology to reach their strategic goals for more than 20 years.
Over his career, he has “surfed” on several technology waves:

  • In the mid-nineties, he used the just invented Web technologies to develop information sharing intranet applications for the European Commission
  • He spent time in the late nineties in Silicon Valley to learn CRM & apply it to help with service and sales automation
  • He spent most of the first part of 2000 abroad in Europe, US, Brazil and South Africa to help Telecom giants adopt modern IT architectures to sustain fast growth and the emergence of mobile internet
  • In 2004, he introduced, founding his own consulting firm, search engine technologies in Legal, Pharmaceutical and Consulting firms to boost their workers productivity
  • Finally in 2007, he co-founded McKinsey Solutions realizing that companies will compete and differentiate through their use of data & analytics
Today, he is leading the Centre of Expertise for Data Analytics at Ageas, a large international insurance group, where he is helping Ageas 15 operating companies to create value with insurance analytics while progressively getting the skills required to compete in the digital and big data world.
He is already getting ready for the next wave of technology disruption which is the fast rising 3rd era of Artificial Intelligence as he is involved in the rollout of the first deep learning and cognitive cases at Ageas while leading one of the chapters in the expert group assembled by a Belgium Vice Prime Minister to advise on the AI strategy for Belgium.