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Goodness Nkuna

Goodness Nkuna

Head of Automation, Sanlam

RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is becoming more just buzz words within any organisation. These initiatives are becoming a reality with companies continuing to face technological, cultural and organisational challenges to their own initiatives that organisations are running. The typical approach to advancing automation across the organisation encompasses anything form complexity to meeting dynamic business needs and adopting new technology to deliver greater value to organisations. Among these hurdles the greatest challenges to:

  1. Talent and skills shortage
  2. Looking & Picking the right problems to solve using AI, Machine Learning and RPA
  3. Stakeholder and leadership buy in
  4.    Developing your Automation/Digital Strategy

Currently an experienced Head of Automation at Sanlam with a demonstrated history of working in various industries. I have a Computer Science majoring in Artificial Intelligence. Through my career thus far I have spent several times working for consulting companies involved in project delivery in the blue-chip organisations. The last 3 years I have been involved extensively in helping organisations setup their Automation Capability and currently at Sanlam with helping drive our automation journey.