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Helene Kaltak

Information Manager Analyst, National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research

Helene Kaltak has 20 years’ experience in Information and Records Management across private and public-sector agencies and has worked with various technologies to enable business productivity and transformation.  Helene’s current role is Information Management Analyst at NIWA forming part of a wider team to deliver a series of business information improvement projects. 

As NIWA competes in the modern world, business information and its re-use is increasingly pivotal to success.  NIWA’s core business relies on providing information and, therefore the ability to provide this information in a fast, accurate and safe way is critical.  Improved Business Information at NIWA improves business results by:

  • improving organisational efficiency
  • providing an increased level of service to customers and stakeholders
  • generating revenue via reuse of information
  • responding quickly to new business opportunities
  • minimizing risk by meeting regulatory and legislative requirements
  • increasing staff satisfaction

Helene’s key interests are Information Management, Information Architecture and Compliance.