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Hisham Diab

Insights & Analytics Director, Careem

• Launched Care DWH project moving all dashboards from Excel based to Tableau & full automation

• Supported Care successfully moving from 65% satisfaction to around 70% within 6 months

• Managed the evaluation & launch of Customer Loyalty Score Segmentation to provide Value Based treatment for Careem HV customers

• Supported Strategy & Experience Teams to reduce users contact rate from 6% to 4.5% through driving operational actions based on Analytics across different work streams

• Manage multiple resources and projects concurrently to ensure successful completion of analytic projects & Care operations.

• Accountable for the overall management of analytic projects, including Care DWH, Executives Dashboards, quality and performance.

• Defines analytics road-map and plan for Careem, integrating with company strategy, and technology.

• Managed automation projects to revamp Survey mechanism & manual processes saving 50hours monthly

• Lead NPS and CSAT processes from tool selection to implementation of customer surveys on multiple channels