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Speaker 2 - CAO Fall (13)

Horia Tipi

Vice President and Head of Global Optimization, FICO

Horia Tipi leads FICO's Global Optimization Software and Solutions practice. His team brings together algorithmic expertise, ML and AI orchestration, and a focus on business user enablement to deliver industry-leading benefits to customers. Critically, Horia’s team also ensures that FICO Optimization amplifies their clients’ ROI in data-driven decision making. Horia has 19 years of experience creating and delivering prescriptive analytics solutions, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of economic benefit. Throughout his career, Horia has held roles in algorithm development, software engineering, consulting, solution architecture, sales, product innovation, and executive management spanning various industries. Horia previously held a principal role in the startup Dash Optimization, which was subsequently acquired by FICO.