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How Microservices unlock enterprise-wide Innovation – from buzzword to practicality

Sebastian Gazi, Content Director: MEA, Corinium Global Intelligence

As the vanguards of business strategy execution; enterprise architects play an integral role in ensuring that the promise of microservice architecture is realised.

As companies have continued to embrace digitization – microservice architecture has emerged as a framework that enables customer-centric business models that not only facilitate high levels of efficiency and agility; but also unlocks new, innovative ways to realise a business’s strategic objectives.

McKinsey in collaboration with the University of Oxford conducted research that suggested that “half of all large IT projects—defined as those with initial price tags exceeding $15 million—massively blow their budgets. On average, large IT projects run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent over time, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted. Software projects run the highest risk of cost and schedule overruns”. Moving beyond the ‘shock value’ of these figures - It would come as no surprise to IT executives; that large IT projects have the capacity to not only threaten your company’s existence, but also decimate budgets if not executed with meticulous oversight and efficiency. 

This is where enterprise architects have a strategic responsibility of ensuring that technology investments align with business value. Microservice architecture has the potential to revolutionise monolythic IT systems to support stated business competencies and enable enterprise-wide innovation.

If this is something you are still grappling with, then Future Enterprise Systems Africa (FESA) is the event you have been waiting for. With a host of industry change-agitators and technology disruptors who are driving IT transformation, defining the future of work and digital business excellence speaking at FESA; you can’t afford to miss this invaluable opportunity to gain hands on experience and practical guidelines that will clarify and bring meaning to your strategies for future growth.

One of the speakers sharing their wealth of knowledge and industry insights at FESA is Johann Marx, Chief Enterprise Architect – Digital Strategy Execution and Architecture, Eskom

Johann is a catalyst for technology change. He is a dynamic, innovative and self-driven professional with diverse experience in technology, architecture, IT service delivery, agile delivery management, management and leadership.
A recognized professional within the IT Digitalisation Industry; having been at the forefront of technological advances, management and agile delivery of ICT Technology Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, IT for Engineering and Utilities, Mobility, IoT, Analytics, GIS, Enterprise Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation.
He specialises in strategy formulation and execution, fast paced agile delivery and leading teams to achieve a common goal. Johann is driven by strategic and tactical alignment of technological changes to the Enterprise, efficiency and adding value.
Some of his recent achievements include architecting, managing and leading IT competencies and pockets of excellence to deliver Digitisation, Analytics, Mobility and GIS for the Enterprise with innovative agile developments aligned to Enterprise Strategy. 

Johann will deliver a keynote that aims to debunk “The Growing Need for Microservices”

Key Discussion Points Include:

  • Agile, scalable, highly responsive and efficient – why microservices are proving to be popular with EAs
  • Where to start – how to identify monoliths to disassemble
  • More pieces to the puzzle – taking a lean approach to microservice management
  • Integration is key; where corporates and start-ups can work together

If you want to take advantage of disruptive technologies for innovation, then this is your opportunity to network, engage and gain hands-on experience from a diverse set of speakers sharing their wealth of knowledge and industry insights at FESA.

With more than 30 Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation industry experts, and over 20 hours of instructive content over three days, you cannot afford to miss the most content-rich enterprise architecture event in the country. 

Future Enterprise Systems Africa is hosted at Focus Rooms, Sunninghill, Johannesburg from 15 to 17 October 2019.