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NYU. Ina Wanca v2

Ina Wanca

Professor, NYU

Ina Wanca is a professor at New York University, and an AI Advisor to Fortune 500 companies focused on Applied AI, FutureSensing, tackling complex problems such as building trust between humans and machines in smart cities and deep space. She is affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, the FBI InfraGuard, the European AI Alliance, and various IEEE Working Groups onEthics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and the Council of Extended Intelligence. Throughout her career, Ms. Wanca advanced and scaled more than 50 AI applications to reduce risk, predict future events, and optimize investment portfolio products and services.

Previously, Ms. Wanca worked for the Crime Commission of NYC as a Director of Cybercrime Prevention where she pioneered the Predictive Prevention Lab and created the first-of-its-kind cognitive personalized tool to prevent up to 90% of cybercrime due to human errors. Before that Ms. Wanca worked with various international, intergovernmental, diplomatic, and private organizations including the United Nations, the International Peace Institute, Bloomberg LP, Chubb Limited, and the U.S. Mission to the European Union.