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Jan Sheppard Tertiary Education Committee

Jan Sheppard

Chief Data Officer, Tertiary Education Commission

Jan is the Chief Data Officer at the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) in New Zealand. Jan has taken the TEC on a journey from being a data gatherer treating data as something to be safely locked up, to being a data broker treating data as an asset and realising value from it.

To achieve this journey Jan initially created a start-up type structure with 21 direct reports. As a result of a recent restructure and Jan’s team has over doubled in size, which is testimony to the value they provide. Jan has evolved the team model to be one built around functional centres of excellence and reduced her number of direct reports down to seven. This atypical approach to structure is reflective of Jan’s drive to create an environment that best sets the TEC up to enable system level change through access to data across its ecosystem.  

Also, Jan is passionate about data literacy and to this end she has initiated a plan to embed “being data savvy” into the DNA of the TEC.