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Jason Teoh, Openreach 2

Jason Teoh.

Head of Business Intelligence, Openreach


How long have you been in the role?  I have been working in the Business & Corporate Delivery unit in Openreach for 3 years, but picked up my expanded Head of Business Intelligence in August 2017.  I have responsibility for Data and Analytics for my business unit, but also have specialists managing the supply and demand of engineers, our regulatory analytics for Ofcom, as well as our statistical modelling team.

 How did you get in to the “data/Analytics space”.   I joined Openreach’s Business Modelling straight out of university with a degree in Mathematics and Economics, and a masters in Operational Research, so started my career in the business in one of their key analytical teams.  Since then, I’ve had a more varied career through sales, before coming back into an analytical environment. 

 What’s the most challenging scenario you have faced since starting the role?  The quality of our data, along with the structure and governance behind it, is a continuing challenge for my team.  It has been difficult generating consistent analytics, which is trusted by the business, given the variability in the data.  The challenge has been building trust and confidence with my stakeholders.