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Jennifer Lambert, U.S. Department of State

Jennifer Lambert

Acting Director, Centre for Analytics, U.S. Department of State

Jennifer is a Foreign Affairs Officer, Deputy Director of the Bureau of International Information Programs’ Office of Analytics, amd recently as the Acting Director for the Department’s new Center for Analytics.  Jennifer led an operational turnaround for a dedicated but exhausted team of analysts to deliver on the Secretary’s promise to run an employee-led transformation of the State Department. She brought order to chaos, distilling useful information from the Department’s extremely complex and disorganized collection of data systems. In this role, she impressively became the voice and face of the Secretary’s enterprise analytics capacity growth initiative, helping make a permanent impact on the Department and establish a culture of evidence-based decision-making. A Presidential Management Fellow, she served as part of the Secretary of State's policy planning staff and worked in the Intelligence and Research Bureau focusing on Libya and Morocco. Jennifer’s past work includes social science research, target audience analysis, digital strategy, and marketing to support the Department of State’s digital outreach programs designed to explain US policy and values to foreign audiences. She is now using her expertise in social science and analytics to help make our agencies insight-driven and data-informed organizations. Before joining the State Department, Jennifer was the team lead for a cell of Arabic Media Analysts advising on strategic communications for the United States Forces in Iraq. She earned a PhD in Political Science at University College Dublin as a George J. Mitchell Scholar and was recently awarded Employee of the Year for her work at  IIP in 2017.