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Joel Horwitz, IBM

Joel Horwitz

Global Insights Manager, Greenpeace International

I am a passionate product and customer focused strategist educated in engineering, chemistry, and analytics. I combined these disciplines to earn a Masters of Science in the area of Nanotechnology from the University of Washington. Later, I earned an International MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business. I’ve held a variety of positions in the areas of research and development, product strategy, marketing and analytics.


* Developed an in house, state of the art big data analytics platform, to bridge product, marketing, and customer experience.
* Built customer life-time value predictive models into an advanced advertising platform at AVG Technologies increase our monetization by two fold.
* Led an interdisciplinary team to launch Analytics App Market at Datameer, Inc with over thirty apps that range from customer segmentation to sales forecasting. It was a first of its kind marketplace for big data applications for Hadoop.
* Lead an Analytics team on many analytics projects across Avast to build attribution, marketing mix, and clustering models using advanced statistical modeling.
* Integrated analytics across Alpine Data Labs to accurately measure and improve product, marketing and sales cycle increasing user adoption by over 4X and finding product / marketing fit rapidly.
* Started Bay Area Analytics to create a forum to discuss business use cases of analytics.