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Johan Vallin

Johan Vallin

Global Head of Data Science, Electrolux (Sweden)

As a leader and data scientist Johan hase conducted business development and strategic analysis in multiple industries with a wide variety of analytical methods. He also has a strong technical background which enables him to create solutions for fact based decisions on all operational levels. 

Areas of expertise 

Leadership, Strategy, Big data, Analytics, Performance optimization, Business intelligence, Military intelligence, Risk analysis, credit scoring, knowledge management. data mining, information integration, Predictive analysis, Dynamic pricing models, chat bots, Financial/Insurance fraud, Next best action, Churn prevention, Anti money laundering, Socigram analysis, Video Analytics, IBM Watson technology, SAS, Tableau, i2 Analyst Notebook


At DataCon Africa 2019 Johan will be speaking at the following sessions:

What is a Truly Data Driven Company? Building an AI / Data Science Practice & Driving the Culture 

International Keynote: How Electrolux uses AI & Data Science in Their Products