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Jose Vergara (1)

Jose Luis Vergara

VP of Enterprise Customer Experience, Change Healthcare

Since 1996, I have been driven by an enduring passion for customer excellence and success. Throughout my executive career at Fortune 500 companies such as McKesson, Citibank, Lusacell/Verizon, DirecTV, HSBC, and Telefonica Movistar, my focus has been on delivering customer-focused outcomes, improving customer experiences, and transforming company cultures to drive business growth.

My name is Jose Luis Vergara and I am the VP of Enterprise Customer Experience for Change Healthcare, a multi billion dollar corporation providing health care IT solutions in the US and International Healthcare space. As VP of CX I'm responsible for creating the strategies to accomplish those business goals that pivot around the customers' loyalty: life time value, organic growth and attrition and revenue mitigation.

I base my practice on Customer Analytics, Voice of the Customer and creating methodologies, tools and programs that the business will adopt as part of its leadership and operational practices.

I have built an extensive career as both customer leader and change agent in my field by heading up B2C and B2B customer operations holistically, powering innovation, and taking the customer conversation from the transactional level to the C-Suite, as part of a company’s strategy for growth and profitability.

What drives me is supporting a company through deep cultural transformation when it comes to customer excellence – changing human behaviors, delivering customer experiences, improving customer loyalty, building business success.

While I'm located in Vancouver BC, I have full mobility to work across borders. I am also an MBA graduate from the IPADE Business School.