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Speaker 2 - CAO Fall (33)

Juan Manuel Andrade Hernandez

Director of Analytics, Banorte

Juan Manuel holds a BS in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering from ITESM, a MA in Economic Theory from ITAM, and PhD studies with a MA in Economics from Duke University. He has become a passionate of statistical learning through supervised and unsupervised methods, aiming to apply artificial intelligence to public policy and private matters. Basically, he is a models gamer and experimental social scientist, thanks to Python, R, Octave, Matlab and many other cool tools.
He has experience in public finance, financial sustainability, financial markets, financial systems regulation, productive investments, macroeconomic projections, data science, artificial intelligence as well as mathematical, econometric and optimization modeling. Currently he is Director of Analytics at Banorte Financial Group, in addition to professor of Computational Economics, Social Election and Political Economy at the Graduate School of ITAM. He was the Financial Sustainability Researcher Officer at Mexican Senate, the Mexican Delegate at the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) from G20, Project Coordinator at the IDEA Foundation–C230 Consultants, besides of holding directive positions at the Units of Private Banking, Securities and Savings, Development Banking, and Economic Planning from the Mexican Ministry of Treasury (SHCP). He also held the position of Economic Advisor in the Office of the Under Secretary for Prospective, Planning and Evaluation at the Mexican Social Development Ministry (Sedesol).