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Krishna Venkatraman, IBM

Krishna Venkatraman

Global Insights Manager, Greenpeace International

Goal: A role as an executive and senior technologist leading and building teams that delight and benefit communities and users by addressing important business and social challenges through innovative data science and software.

Professional Background
§ Extensive experience and background in executive and technical management of business and R&D teams with an outstanding record of bringing new technology and innovation to market.

  • Twenty years of experience in designing algorithms and building large-scale solutions based on machine learning and optimization for pricing, personalization, risk management and supply chain management.
  • Languages: R, Java, C, Matlab, Python
  • Software Tools and Frameworks: Hadoop/Map-Reduce

Specialties: Technical Expertise: Large scale Optimization & Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Econometrics
Domain Expertise: Personalization, Pricing, Risk, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Management